Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you associated with a denomination?

A: We are not associated with any denomination. We are a nondenominational church which incorporates the distinctives of many contemporary evangelical Christian churches.

Q: Why do you meet at the Days Inn? Are you going to build a real church building?

A: We believe that the church really is the people, not a building. We are intentionally meeting in rented space in order to put a greater amount of our finances into ministry to people, rather than the maintenance of a building. We are not opposed to having a building of our own, but for now we believe our resources are better spent in other areas.

Q: What is your music style?

A: The music in our services is more contemporary than many traditional churches, incorporating a live band (guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, etc.). Our goal is to create music that stirs the heart and mind to worship God with all that we are. Some songs are upbeat, while others are slower and more contemplative. Our hope is that most people will find the music easy to relate to, and that they will experience the presence of God in our songs of praise. Worship is more about giving ourselves to God than being entertained, so we try to keep the focus on Christ, and keep our music reverent and biblically sound in content.

Q: Are you going to pressure me into giving money or joining your church if I visit the service?

A: Absolutely Not!! We believe that God will meet our financial needs through the voluntary giving of our members and regular attenders (and that has been true every year!). Visitors are encouraged not to give, but to bless us by getting to know us over time. We never push people towards membership. However, we offer membership classes where you can learn more about our church, ask questions, and get to know our leadership. It’s always your choice to become a member on your own time table, or to choose to attend without becoming a member at all.